Villarreal faced Recreativo at home in El Madrigal, finishing with a score of 1-1.

Villarreal faced Recreativo at home in El Madrigal, finishing with a score of 1-1.

25 / 03 / 2013

The Yellows managed to rally against a loss thanks to a last minute goal from Gerard Moreno in the 88th minute.

Despite many wasted opportunities the Yellows managed to equalise in the dying moments of the game, despite conceding a goal in the first few minutes of the second half. Luckily, in the end, the difference in points between the Blue and Whites and the Yellows meant the draw managed to maintain Villarreal's high standing in the league, keeping them in contention for finishing in one of the top spots in the league.Both teams came out hard, fighting for possession in the first half. Villarreal managed to control attack and started looking to secure a lead straight away, leaving the opposition with only one option; to defend hard and to look for and opportunity to steal the ball and mount a counter attack. This resulted in Villarreal dominating possession in the first half.

The first big goal opportunity came in the 19th minute when a free kick was awarded to the Yellows. Uche took a great shot on goal which was, unfortunately, saved by the goalie.

The second opportunity of the game came for Recreativo, who took advantage of a gap in Villarreal's defence but, luckily for the Submarines, the shot hit the post.

Half an hour later the Yellows had another goal opportunity. Moi passed the ball to Uche who was out on the wing and the Nigerian despite being in a good position could not get the ball past Cabrero. In the last quarter of an hour before the break the Submariners contained Recreativo in their half of the pitch and dominated possession. Despite Villarreal's efforts no opportunities on goal arose.

Seconds after the second half began Recreativo stole the ball from Villarreal's defence and scored the first goal of the match. Villarreal reacted immediately. In the 60th minute, Villarreal nearly equalised when Musacchio took a great free kick which found Marcos Senna's head but unfortunately the header went high. In the 61st minute, Cani made a great attempt on goal but Cabrero was on form and saved the shot with ease.

Villarreal continued to try and score the illusive equalising goal but the Recreativo's defence was too tight. In the 80th minute Uche had chance to pass to Musacchio, but the African player instead chose to shoot from close range but yet again the defence held fast and prevented yet another goal.

With three minutes to go Juanma made a spectacular pass to the left which Gerard Moreno fired straight into the back of the net from an unstoppable header that did justice to the Submarines efforts. After the draw the Yellows fought hard to try and score one final winning goal, but unfortunately they just did not have enough time left on the clock to come away with a win.

Match facts:

Villarreal CF: Juan Carlos, Mario, Musacchio, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Moi Gomez (Juanma, 62 '), Farinós (Cani, 53'), Marcos Senna, Jonathan Pereira, Uche and Perbet (Gerard Moreno, 74 ').

RC Recreativo de Huelva: Cabrero; Cifu, Zamora, Morcillo, Ruymán; Montoro (Matamala, 58 '), Dimas, Valle (Riolfo, 72'), Arana (Vega, 78 '), Berrocal, and Chuli.

Goals: 0-1, min. 47: Berrocal. 1-1, min. 87: Gerard Moreno.

Referee: Daniel Ocon Arraiz (Riojano Committee). Jaume Costa admonished by the Villarreal and Montoro (21 '), Jonathan Valle (25') and Arana (61 ') for Recreativo de Huelva.


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