The best is yet to come for our impressive U12s

27 / 01 / 2020

The young Yellows side are towards the top of the Superliga, with LaLiga Promises on the horizon

One of the standout teams of the Yellows Academy. The U12s (Alevín A) are putting in an excellent season based on hard work and talent. This season, they are coached by Alberto Zacarés, Abdel Karim, Carlos Renau, Carlos Moreno and Ferran Usó, and are taking part in the 'SuperLiga Alevín' for yet another year.

They're a side characterised by their cohesion and the unity between each and every one of their players, a friendship that started various years ago, and continues getting stronger. "A number of the group knew each other before, so there's great cohesion. Furthermore, you can see this friendship off the pitch during the games, and every day that makes things easier," says Zacarés.

An exciting season

The Yellows had a slow start to the season, but as the campaign has gone on, they have taken on the concepts that the Yellows Academy coaching staff want to transmit to them. They are currently on a run of four consecutive victories after winning 6-0 this weekend. "We're very happy on a day-to-day level, with regards to their training sessions and how the players are evolving on an individual basis. These last two months have seen the team settle down and we can see the improvement," underlines Zacarés.

But the best of the season is yet to come for the U12s: the second half of the season, as well as LaLiga Promises, both the national and international tournament. It is an end of the season that will be give a number of chances for the Yellows to win another tournament: "Before Christmas, there were a number of results that weren't too positive, but the team is convinced it can keep on improving. Now, there are some fun months ahead of us, both the end of the league, and the various tournaments we'll play in," concludes the coach. The U12s are ready.

The U12s (Alevín A) is made up of the following components:

Players: Álvaro Alcaide, Ángel Molina, Vicente Vilalta, Marc Pérez, Iker Martí, Marcos Aguilar, Aarón Soriano, Guillermo Anadón, Daniel Sasha, Jorge Agustina, Mauro Roca.

Coaches: Abdel Karim, Alberto Zacarés, Carlos Renau, Carlos Moreno, Ferran Usó.

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