Wanda Project: Villarreal CF trains young footballers from China

In December 2010, Villarreal signed a collaboration agreement with Dalian Wanda Group Corporation Ltd., in coordination with the Chinese central government and the Ministry of Sports, whereby the Submarine became actively involved in the transformation of Chinese football.

To understand the agreement, it should be noted that there is a state interest by China to promote football in the country and put it in its rightful place. From a football point of view, Spain is admired in China and Spanish football is synonymous with quality and success. Thus, in order to improve Chinese grassroots football, the Wanda Group commissioned GreatGate-Zertior to develop a project to develop the young Chinese footballing talents, who will be sent every August to Spain to gain experience and constitute the axis of the Chinese national team in the future.

Villarreal will train ten Chinese children between 13 and 15 years. Annually, Wanda will send ten Chinese players to form part of the Villarreal Academy.

Every year, Wanda develops a communication campaign nationwide so that any Chinese child may be selected. The programme involves the 15 Chinese cities that develop grassroots football in the best possible way.