Bewildered after drawing (0-0)

Bewildered after drawing (0-0)

19 / 04 / 2015

28 shots and zero goals against Córdoba

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There was just no way. Not from outside the penalty area, not through the air and not with fast combinations. Despite the incredible amount of opportunities, Villarreal was left with a point as the match against Córdoba miraculously ended without goals (0-0). Marcelino and his side deserved much more luck, but ended up realizing it was just going to be one of those days.

The Yellows had very clear ideas on how to play the game and played with intensity from the start, while Córdoba appeared calm, anticipating to counter-attack with speed on their wings.

You didn’t have to wait long in order to be entertained. Thirty seconds in, Trigueros was the first to create danger in the Andalusian penalty area and within the first five minutes, Campbell had crashed a ball onto the crossbar from outside the area.

It wasn’t going to be the only time the crossbar got in the way. In the 22nd minute, Gerard sent the ball to the bar in a play similar to Campbell’s, much to the perplexity of the Andalusian defense. Likewise, Cheryshev played a dangerous cross to Campbell just before half-time. However, the ball ended up touching the wrong side of the post.

The Submarine didn’t stop there and one shot after another was fired in the second half. The first to try his luck was Cheryshev, who surprised Juan Carlos with a header, but not quite enough. The opportunities of the Yellows were countless, but no matter how hard they tried, the ball seemed unwilling to enter the goal. Whether it was the crossbar, the goalie or the defenders, the Andalusian side did a great job of blocking every shot at goal.

In the 73rd minutes, Campbell again tried to beat Juan Carlos from outside the area, to no avail. Five minutes from the end, Campbell tried the same thing and Victor Ruiz put together an accurate header next to the far post. Goalkeeper Juan Carlos turned both occasions into a corner. It looked like the perfect game for the home side, but still there were zero goals scored. Campbell was by far the most dangerous forward of the Yellows. The Costa Rican tried his luck once more in the final minutes, but the shot ended with the same result: a stretched out goalkeeper.

Córdoba is, despite the point, in danger of relegation and holds the last place in the La Liga table. Villarreal extends the gap with number seven Málaga to six points.



Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Eric Bailly, Víctor Ruiz, Jaume Costa; Campbell, Pina, Trigueros (Jonathan dos Santos, 65’), Cheryshev (Moi Gómez, 75’); Uche (Vietto, 59’) and Gerard.

Córdoba CF: Juan Carlos; Gunino, Deivid, Crespo, Edimar; Krhin, Bebé, Abel, Fidel (Heldon, 75’), Fede Cartabia (Luso, 58’); and Florin.

Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva. Yellow cards for Eric Bailly (90’) on Villarreal's side and Crespo (17’), Abel (85’), Heldon (89’) and Gunino (90’) for Córdoba.


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