Campbell, Bailly, Jokic y Jonathan dos Santos, posaron para celebrar la mágica cifra de medio millón de fans en Facebook.

More than half a million fans on Facebook!

16 / 04 / 2015

The official page continues to grow rapidly


Villarreal CF has managed to achieve half a million fans on Facebook ( The magic number was only 300.000 in July of 2014, which means the club has increased the number of fans by 200.000 in less than a year. Spectacular!

It’s a new record for one of the most important communication channels between the club and their fans. Since the launch of the page in 2009, Villarreal CF has been known for their consistent interaction with fans and their constant renewal of content, which has been published in Spanish, Valencian, English and Dutch.

The country with most supporters on Facebook is Mexico with 90.600, followed by Spain (42.000), Brazil (40.000), Algeria (21.000) and Argentina (17.000). Mexico City is the city with the most followers with 16.000, followed by Cairo (6.000), Lima (5.000), Algiers (5.000) and Vila-Real (4.000). When sorted by languages, the leading category is Spanish with 240.000, followed by English (60.000), French (50.000) and Portuguese (40.000).

In addition, Villarreal CF has also duplicated their support on G+ (From 28.000 to 48.000) and Instagram (From 8.000 to 18.300). As of right now, the Yellow Submarine has almos 1.5M followers on social media altogether. Thank you very much!



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