Marcelino during a training session

“A victory against Getafe would be very important”

21 / 11 / 2014

Marcelino regrets the large amount of injured players to face Getafe

Villarreal's head coach, Marcelino García Toral, believes these upcoming three points are vital. He also noted that a possible victory against Getafe on Sunday (El Madrigal 9 pm, Spanish time GMT+1) will be key for the future of the team. "The main game for us is the next. We play at home and we come from getting only one point out of nine. We lost five points on the road, so we are focused on this match. A victory is very important" he concluded.


The match against Getafe will be very special for Marcelino for it will represent his 50th match with Villarreal in the Spanish First Division. He coached Villarreal for another 21 matches on the Second Division, 6 on the Europa League and 4 on the King's Cup totalling 80 matches.

His current record is made out of 21 wins, 11 draws and 17 defeats.

Up to date, Marcelino is the 5th coach with the highest amount of matches in the First Division with Villarreal. The leader of this ranking is Pellegrini with 190 matches, followed by Víctor Múñoz with 77 and Juan Carlos Garrido with 72. 



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