The event took place at La Fe Hospital in Valencia.

Villarreal's fundraiser reaches Aspanion and Ingemm

20 / 11 / 2014

Villarreal CF and the Celtic Submarine supporters donate the rest of the ‘United in Hope’ fundraiser 

The ‘United in Hope’ has been a great success. Thus, Villarreal has been able to fund the most ambitious research line of the proyect that Valencia's Hospital La Fe Institute of Health Research ((IIS La Fe) is developing, with a total of 216.144,84 euros, in order to preserve the fertility of the kids with cancer. Villarreal CF and the Celtic Submarine supporters have decided to donate the rest of the fundaiser to ASPANION (the regional association of parents of kids with cancer) with whom the supporters have been collaborating for many years, and  the Institute of Medical  and Molecular Genetics (Ingemm), dedicated to the research of malformations.

Sadly the malformations disease affected Ángel, a season ticket holder of Villarreal CF. His father Fernando Llopis promoted an ultramarathon fundraiser last week, running from Madrid to Valencia to donate money to Ingemm too.

Villarreal CF and the Celtic Submarine supporters have to decided to share the funding as follows:

Project Fundraiser:

  • Total funds: 309.064,05 euros.
  • Celtic FC match expenses (trip): 64.162 euros.
  • Net funds for La Fe Hospital: 216.144,84 euros.
  • Funds for Aspanion: 25.757,21 euros.
  • Funds for Ingemm: 3.000 euros. 

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