Villarreal falls in front of Valencia

Villarreal falls in front of Valencia

02 / 11 / 2014

The yellows, despite deserve more, collide against the blanquinegra’s force


Submarine deserved better luck.  Villarreal falls with Valencia at El Madrigal, 1 -3, in a battle where the yellows dominate and create a big number of occasions, but end up losing at the power of the visitants who take advantage of the few opportunities available.

It could not begin worse the match for the yellows. At minute 5, and after a great opportunity for the Submarine, Trigueros launches into a contrast to clear the area and hits the ball the pile of Asenjo. Despite this painful beginning, Villarreal gives speed to the action and makes the game before a Valencia that waits and thinks to defend. 

At minute 13 comes another great opportunity for locals. Giovani dribbled some rivals just outside the box and change the game for Cheryshev that puts the ball in the middle and Uche, in a slip, arrives late for a millisecond to push the ball into the goal. The Marcelino’s boys seek the goal with insistence, but blanquinegros keep the fight where they want.

The Submarine keeps the ball and controls the game, although Valencia defends well. At minute 37, and after clearance by the defense of Valencia following a corner, Cheryshev makes a good shot, but Alves, attentive, rejects the ball that comes back to the Russian, whose new shoot is blocked by the Valencia defense. 

Just before the break, Moi Gómez with a central passage finds in the box Cheryshev that trys to shot, but Alves covers well his goal. The submarine commands and shuts Valencia in its box, but the goal that the yellows deserve on many occasions does not come.

In addition, it’s Valencia that widens the gap. After that no opportunity was created in 60 minutes, Mustafi, after a cross from the wing with Rodrigo offside, marks with the head an unfair - but real - 0-2 for the visitors. 

The goal, unfortunately, puts the ropes Villarreal. So much that, at the minute 70, again Mustafi widens the gap on a corner action, taking advantage of a dead ball in the box to close the match. Three minutes before the end, finally, Trigueros shortens the gap after a pass by Jonathan dos Santos.

Technical schedule:

Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Gabriel, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Moi Gómez (Jonathan dos Santos, 60’), Bruno, Trigueros, Cheryshev; Giovani (Vietto, 64’) and Uche (Gerard Moreno, 70’).

Valencia CF: Diego Alves; Barragán, Otamendi, Mustafi, Gayà; Feghouli (Carles Gil, 77’), Andrés Gomes, Javi Fuego, Piatti; Rodrigo (De Paul, 86’) and Alcácer (Negredo, 78’).

Goals: 0-1, min. 6: Trigueros (own goal). 0-2, min. 63: Mustafi. 0-3, min. 72: Mustafi. 1-3, min. 87: Trigueros.

Referee: Pedro Jesús Pérez Montero. Yellow card to Mario (54’) and Dorado (71’) for Villarreal and Otamendi (47’), Rodrigo (59’) and Gayà (80’) for Valencia.


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