Dela, Tasende and Iosifov make their Villarreal CF debuts

30 / 11 / 2021

The B-team players enjoyed their first minutes for the first team against Victoria CF

When dreams become reality. Adrián de la Fuente, Dani Tasende and Nikita Iosifov have made their Villarreal CF first-team debuts, after playing in the Round One of the Copa del Rey against Victoria CF.

Dela started, playing 80 minutes, while Tasende and Iosifov came off the bench in the second half. The Russian winger even scored, getting the Yellows’ eighth of the night.

Villarreal B midfielder Carlo Adriano, who made his first-team debut last season in the Copa del Rey against SD Leioa, also took part in the Submarine’s win at Riazor.

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