Trying to remain unbeaten in Seville

14 / 10 / 2021

Miguel Álvarez expects a difficult game against the Betis B team, despite them being towards the bottom of the table

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez appeared in front of the media to analyse the upcoming game against Betis Deportivo (Saturday 16th October, 7pm CEST) at the Luis del Sol Training Ground, corresponding to Matchday 8 of the Primera RFEF season, with the Mini Submarine trying to stay unbeaten at the top of Group 2. These are the standout comments from Álvarez.

A team to beat

“Being unbeaten means we’re working naturally, and working hard, like we always do. We’re very happy because what we have is something no-one can take away from us, and we’ll try and make it last as long as we can, but we are aware that one day we will lose. There’s something important in our working culture, which is that no win or no defeat can take us out of our context, which is to improve every day. We’ve got a group of very young boys, and our aim is for them to stay on the right path. It isn’t an easy division.”

Being effective in attack and solid in defence

“Both the defensive and attacking performance so far have pleased me, but the individual growth of the boys is what makes me happiest. Collective success is also individual success. We have a good problem, which is that everyone is in good form and fit. We know whoever comes in will be at the necessary level. We understand that we are going to lose games, but that we are going to continue improving. We are a B team, and the most important thing is growth.”

The opposition

“Betis are one of the teams who have impressed me the most. They’ve competed well everywhere they’ve played, and that tells you just how tough the division is. In the first half of the season, we have that problem where our mistakes are really punished. They’re a team who play great football and have really good players. Their situation will change in the second half of the season. They’re set up really well.”

The keys to the game

“We’re two B teams. The team who makes fewer errors and is more clinical will be the side closer to winning the game. It will be an exciting game. The team who has the ball more will have more chances to win because they’re a team that make you run a lot and they get into the box quickly. Defending with the ball is always interesting.”

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