Villarreal Is Revolutionising Spanish Football Management

Villarreal Is Revolutionising Spanish Football Management

20 / 06 / 2013

Starting with their season ticket sales, the Yellow Submarine is surprising the football world.

Fernando Roig's obsession with making Villarreal an exemplary club has effected the latest season ticket campaign. The President has once again broken with tradition and shown that socially responsible pricing can work at a Spanish premier league football club. Roig has recognised that in these times of economic hardship supporters would normally struggle to justify the luxury of a football season ticket. However, the President has taken this in to account and as has arranged for the season tickets to be sold at an incredibly low price with tickets starting from as little as 100€, the cheapest season tickets in the premier league by a long shot.

This pioneering move from the club has been rewarded with record sale of season tickets, with people not wanting to miss out on the incredible opportunity to see top flight football for such an economical price. During the first day of ticket sales El Madrigal was lined with queues of people not wanting to waste a moment in securing their ticket for the upcoming season. Within hours the ticket office had sold more than 2000 season tickets, a figure made even more impressive when you consider that two seasons ago, when the team was playing in the Champions league, only 350 people renewed their season tickets. Currently ticket sale figures stand at around the 6,000 mark, with a steady number of people going in everyday to take advantage of the recession proof offer.

Villarreal's incredible generosity does not end there, as for the fifth season in a row Villarreal is continuing to offer people who have recently found themselves unemployed an opportunity to renew their season ticket completely free of charge. If that was not enough, other special discounts are being offered to the fans ensuring that nobody could possibly feel left out of the deals on offer. Current season ticket holders are offered a discount off their renewal as a thank you for their loyalty and have been promised another discount for the following season if they attend a certain number of home matches this season.

The seemingly never ending list of special offers further highlights Fernando Roig's commitment to socially responsible prices, without being detrimental to the finances of the club. The management at Villarreal is devoted to maintaining their reputation as the only Spanish football club with no debts to pay. Villarreal's central ethos is to go above and beyond for their fans, while always remembering their humble roots as a small town football team.

What they have achieved already has with out doubt been exceptional, but not being happy to settle there is something their fans can really be proud of. Villarreal is not only fighting on the pitch, but is also fighting in their offices, working hard to lead by example and become a model example of how a Spanish football club should be run.


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