Marcos Senna, the legend of Villarreal

Marcos Senna, the legend of Villarreal

13 / 06 / 2013

Villarreal's eternal captain, Marcos Senna announced today that he has accepted an offer to play football in the United States.

Marcos Senna, the eternal captain of the Yellows, today said an emotional goodbye to Villarreal, in front of the door they named after him, to crowds of supporters who have watched him play for the Yellow Submarines for eleven seasons. The Spanish Brazilian, who has been synonymous with Villarreal FC for more than a decade, confirmed today that he has accepted a contract to play for a team in the states, which will not only be a professional adventure but a personal one too. His speech was attended by the President, Fernando Roig, who took the opportunity to thank the player for all he has given to the club over the years.

The midfielder leapt at the opportunity to start a new chapter in his life and discover not only a new team, but a new country as well. However, he hopes that one day he will be able to return to Villarreal one way or another. He promised that today was not goodbye, but merely a see you later.

Senna achieved so much during his time at Villarreal, and was lucky enough to be able to help achieve one final pledge. At the beginning of the season he said that he wanted to leave Villarreal on a high, safe in the knowledge that the team had been reinstated back into the league in which they were always meant to play in, the First Division, playing against the best teams in Spain, just as the team deserves.

His records will not be easy to beat.

The man, who was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil, July 17th 1976), leaves an incredible legacy behind him. He started at Villarreal in the summer of 2002 after leaving his previous team Sao Caetano. He is by far, the player who has played the most games for Villarreal, starring in no less than 363 games, 33 of them having been from this season.

More specifically, Marcos Senna has played in; 292 league games, 16 Copa del Rey matches, 4 Intertoto Cup games, 11 UEFA cup games, 27 Champions League games and 13 Europa League games. He is without doubt the player who has donned the yellow shirt the most times in Villarreal's history. Moreover, because Senna has dual nationality he has been able to represent Spain internationally. The pinnacle of his career surely must have been when he was selected to play for the Spanish football team that then went on to be crowned champions of Euro 2008.


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