Pablo Íñiguez de Heredia Larraz (Burgos, 20th of January 1994).

Pablo Íñiguez, has been awarded a prestigious prize

21 / 05 / 2013

The Villarreal defender won the prize of 'best left defender' in the 2013 Once de Plata award, which celebrates Spain's the most promising young footballers.

Villarreal's defender, Pablo Íñiguez, has been selected as the best left midfielder in the 2013 Once de Plata award by the Football Draft (a Silver category award for the best 11 professional players in the age group 16-20). Íñiguez normally plays for Villarreal's first team but he has also played for the second team this season. He is a young player, who only just turned 19 years old this January, but started his career at Villarreal at the age of 12, playing in the u13 team and rising through the ranks right the way up to the first team.

The Football Draft, that started up 7 years ago, has now become synonymous with predicting the next big things in Spanish football (in the age group, 16-20). The panel of judges are made up of many important people in Spanish football such as, the national side's coach Vincente del Bosque. Bosque presided over the selection today in the National Sports Council's meeting, where the winners were decided.

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