Villarreal gets one point at the Anxo Carro (0-0)

Villarreal gets one point at the Anxo Carro (0-0)

30 / 04 / 2013

The game was hard fought but to little effect, as the Yellows came away with a nil – nil draw against Lugo.

Villarreal managed to come away from their visit to Lugo's Anxo Carro Stadium with one point, after a hard fought game that ended goalless. They tried to over come the wind and the rain that plagued the match, and soaked the pitch making the game quicker and more unsteady and unpredictable for both teams. Lugo came out fighting, but Villarreal soon managed to gain control of the game.

With the quick pitch, Villarreal tried to control the match early and leverage an advantage in midfield, but the Galician's were happy to take a defensive tack and soon the red's started making problems for the yellows.

In the 12th minute the Submarines intercepted a pass in the centre and had an excellent opportunity on goal, but unfortunately the strike from Perbet did not find its mark. A few minutes later, the opportunity arose for the reds to get on to the score board. Tonetto just had to make a strike on target to win Lugo a goal, but he was unable to make a shot, and thus the opportunity was lost.

With Lugo committed to suffocating Marcellino's men in midfield, Villarreal struggled to break through and make shots on goal. Despite not having many opportunities on goal both teams were constantly fighting to break out of the midfield.

The second half continued in the same vein, Lugo looked comfortable on the pitch and Villarreal looked less comfortable than usual, but the Yellows were not ready to give up without a fight. In the 57th minute Joan Orial made a brilliantly placed strike on goal that was unfortunately saved by Lugo's goal keeper; Jose Juan. Seconds later Mario tried to save the attempt with a header but it missed its mark and sailed over the cross bar.

Lugo quickly hit back with a counter attack. Lugo approached the area, finding Tonetto in a good space near the far post, but he was unable to finish the advance. Fatigued by the effort, Villarreal tried to take advantage and score a late goal, but Lugo thwarted every effort the Yellow's made.

The last 10 minutes seemed to go in the Yellow's favour but Lugo held fast and prevented a last minute goal for the Submarines.


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