On the right track! (1-0)

On the right track! (1-0)

24 / 04 / 2013

The Yellows won on Sunday against Racing Santander, thanks to a goal from Moi Gómez, in a hard fought game.

Villarreal won an important victory this weekend (1-0) against Racing Santander which, was not without its moments. Although the game was difficult and trying, Villarreal refused to give up without a fight. In the end it was a beautiful strike from Moi Gómez that put the Yellows ahead and managed to keep the Yellows in contention of promotion next season.

The Yellows came out strong right from the first whistle. They weaved their way down the pitch, using rapid passes that allowed them to enter the Cantabrian end with ease, but unfortunately no clear opportunities on goal arose. Moi, Cani and Joan Oriol were constantly making advances, but to no avail. Many crosses were made but unfortunately none resulted in a goal. The visitors, meanwhile, did not make things easy for the Submarines and tried their hardest to defend against the dominant Yellows.

In the 41st minute the Yellows had their first clear opportunity on goal. The Catalan, Gerard Moreno received the ball well but struggled to turn his opportunity into a goal. However, the most controversial part of the match was mere seconds away. In a similar situation, Canteros who was unmarked scored a perfectly placed goal completely legally but, the referee inexplicably disallowed the goal for a supposed offside violation.

The second half however could not have started better for Marcellino's men, because seconds into the second half Uche placed himself slightly in front of Mario, Santander's goalie, but the Nigerian slipped away at the last minute into space from which he could feed the ball to the waiting Moi Gómez, who fielded the pass, found a space and fired a shot through Racings defence straight into the back of the net. The Yellows were finally rewarded for their hard work.

With a goal against them Racing Santander galvanised into action, looking to counter against the goal scored against them. They began to really fight for possession but Villarreal held fast and maintained their dominance in attack with ease. In the 83rd minute Uche was about to finish off a great cross from Trigueros on the wing, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful and Mario was able to stop the ball dead on his second attempt.

The Submarines continued to control play, constantly putting pressure on Santander's goalie, but it was Racing that had the best opportunity on goal in the entire match. Mark Gullión managed to get around his defenders on the edge of the area, Gai made a quick move and received the ball, and took a shot on goal that missed the goal mouth by a whisker.

On the final whistle The Yellows breathed a sigh of relief, coming out of the game with a win, which keeps Villarreal in contention of a promotion spot.

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