Villarreal Academy goes from strength to strength

06 / 07 / 2021

The 2020/21 season shows the great evolution of the Submarine's international academies 

Villarreal CF, through the Villarreal Academy international expansion project, continues to export its methodology and positively impact communities in a number of countries across the globe. In the 2020/21 season, the Yellows kicked off a number of exciting projects in the USA, as well as in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Russia and Bolivia.

International academies

The Yellows launched the following new partner academies during the last year: 

  • United States: Villarreal Las Vegas, Villarreal Houston and Villarreal Indiana
  • Canada: Villarreal Montreal
  • Mexico: Villarreal Ciudad de México
  • Australia: Villarreal Sydney
    Russia: Villarreal Krasnodar

The Yellow Submarine have also collaborated with the Juan Manuel Peña Soccer School in Bolivia, run by the former Villarreal defender from Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

International camps

Villarreal’s partner academies around the world have also hosted a number of camps so that young players can enjoy football under the Yellows’ leading methodology. Camps have taken place in Sydney, Krasnodar and Mexico City. Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, coaches from Villarreal CF have been unable to attend these camps in person, but have continued to provide online support from Spain throughout.

The opportunity to meet Pau Torres

Youngsters from the Yellows’ international academies around the world had a unique opportunity to interview Spain and Villarreal centre-back Pau Torres. The Submarine’s No.4 replied to a number of questions asked by children keen to find out more about the Yellows’ superstar.

United through Covid-19

Despite the global pandemic, Villarreal CF have continued to provide support for the club’s international academies, by holding regular online calls and workshops as part of the #SoccerTogether initiative. Thousands of miles may separate the international academies’ directors, coaches, players and their families from Villarreal, but the club’s International Department has worked to make sure the partnerships are stronger than ever.  

What’s more, Villarreal’s international academies in North America took part in the e-sports Villarreal Academy FIFA21 Tournament. This online event, aimed at uniting the Yellows family in Canada, Mexico and the USA, was won by Erik Castañon from Villarreal North Texas, who beat Mario Sarbev from Villarreal Montreal in the final.

The club also offered online one-to-one sessions with coaches from Villarreal CF through the e-PDP (Online Player Development Program), where selected players from the club’s international academies participated in video analysis sessions with the Yellows coaches to help improve their game understanding and tactical knowledge above all.

In search of new challenges

After an excellent season internationally, Villarreal Academy will continue working to grow and reach more corners of the world next season. The majority of the Yellows' international academies have already held their tryouts for the 2021/22 season and are full of excitement for the challenges that lie ahead.

The upcoming season will involve the opening of more academies, such as Villarreal Israel Academy which is the first to open for the 2021/22 season, more international camps and visits to Spain for our international academies will be permitted once again, Covid-19 permitting. The Villarreal Academy family continues to grow and go from strength to strength.

Endavant, Villarreal Academy!

For more information about the Yellows' international project, visit VILLARREAL ACADEMY

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