Luis Hernáiz: a force to be reckoned with

Luis Hernáiz: a force to be reckoned with

21 / 03 / 2013

The young midfielder chosen to carry the flag of candidacy in Madrid 2020

At first, it is surprising the ease and confidence with which he moves. It is the same when he has to face rivals on the field, his performance seems to say, "if you have to get physical, don´t hesitate." Outgoing and playful, and with an unquestionable knowledge of football, those responsible for organizing the Madrid Olympic Games were not hesitant to choose Luis Hernáiz to carry the flag of the candidacy in 2020.

Luis 'Luisito' Daschner (Born in Cuenca, October 5, 1999) proves to be a promising player in his second season with the youth A submarine team. "This is my second year at Villarreal, I arrived from Atletico Madrid, but for a couple of seasons there were some changes that needed to be made in order for me to stay," said Luis.

"I had several offers and the truth is that we really liked Villarreal. To be honest, it is one of the best clubs in Spain, and the treatment is really very good and the club is committed to the people of its home. When I came here and saw the facilities, I looked at my father and we both thought the same thing, that this was the place where I had to play soccer," said Luis.

The yellow midfielder, who lives in the teams residence, cannot help but miss his family. "The first year in the residence is hardest. Then you get used it and create a routine, and you start to think more about your schedule day in and day out," said Luis.

"Sure I miss being home, and It is true that I leave almost every weekend, but when I get homesick its creates a real heart ache for me. But overall everything is going good, it is just the day by day process and in time I will overcome it" said Luis.

As for the progress of his team, "Luisito ' is consistent. Overcoming most of the games of the season against rivals, it is the moment in which we cannot let our guard down. Despite being leaders, the youth A team is only one point ahead of the second. "In the games we have left, we have to deal with mid-chart teams and some are complicated, but I think everyone on the team is aware of that," said Luis. "If we play our best I know we have a good chance of winning the league. The regionals is a very competitive league, with three or four teams that cannot fail because they miss the season if they lose against rivals. There is a lot of rivalry and it is apparent that the stakes are high," said Luis.

In terms of the teams formation, the Submarine school emphasizes that each triumph in football is personal for staff and are celebrated collectively. The achievements of one end up being achievements for all. "If there is a problem, the whole school gives a helping hand to the youth teams. They know that our dream is to play with the seniors," said Luis. "Now, just as a cadet in training with the first quad for the school that's the most, and the best thing that can happen. Not only is it good for me, but the residence as well; we are all very happy. That's what I like about Villarreal. They focus on the youth and take good care of us well."

The midfielder can now also boast about his olympic experience, as he has been selected by the organization to represent Madrid 2020 soccer in the capital's bid. "The truth is that I am very proud to be chosen for the soccer candidacy. For me it is a privilege to be there, and I want to show them that they were right to elect me" sad Luis. "When I came to the presentation I was very nervous about what might happen. It's unbelievable to meet the Spanish Olympic Committee at just 12 years old". Luis was also the youngest candidate chosen. "I made many friends, but most of them were much bigger, elite athletes. I was the smallest one, but nevertheless I felt quite comfortable."


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