Moi, a young but experienced Player

Moi, a young but experienced Player

21 / 02 / 2013

The Villarreal player takes advantage of every opportunity by joining the first team

At just 18 years old, Moi Gomez (Born June 23, 1994 Rojales, Alicante) is a breathe of fresh air with his impressive speed and knowledge of the high competition, but believes he still has much to learn.

"I'm happy because they're confident in me, the coach is giving me opportunities and I'm taking advantage of them," said Moi. "Being 18 years old, it´s a great opportunity for me. I'm a young player and every chance I get to play and be on this team is very important to me. The coach asks me to confront my opponent and dribble the ball whenever it is passed to me."

Competing in the lower submarine teams as a child, the Alicante native seems to have fulfilled the dream of every squad: to play for the first team. A first team that, in his view, currently has potential to grow.

"The team is better, it is in an ascending line. We may need to improve away from home, because at home we are achieving results, but outside is costing us. So I think you have to keep working, committing to this group has achieved many good things" said Moi.

For Moi, one of the reasons for his improvement is the arrival of new players during the winter season. Transfers from which he says you can learn many things: "They have brought great players; new signings are providing many good things to the team," said Moi."In my case, I love working with Farinós. He is very experienced and always gives me good advice. Power training with someone like that is very good for me as a player. "

Now, the yellow submarine is set to play UD Las Palmas (Sunday, February 24th, 8 p.m. El Madrigal Stadium), a dangerous match in which the submarine must continue their good run in order to pull out a win.

"Las Palmas is a good team, with very fast people who are doing things right. We do not have to look at anyone, we go game by game and think about ourselves. The team is in good shape and should therefore take advantage of this situation, "Moi adds.


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