Goalless draw at the Pedro Escartín stadium

Goalless draw at the Pedro Escartín stadium

05 / 02 / 2013

Villarreal draws against Guadalajara in an entertaining match

Both teams could have taken the win, but the lack of accuracy and both goalkeepers preventing any scoring chance forced the equal score. During the final moments the referee didn't call a penalty foul for the Yellows, with Jonathan Pereira being clearly grabbed by the shirt inside the box. 


Villarreal did not get the victory, but took an important step forward. The team showed another image, far more competitive and Marcelino's team created much more scoring chances. His men showed courage and fought hard during the entire match. It was a very intense game, with quick transitions, in which the two teams were close to winning in the exchange of attacks and chances. After a first half in which there were many scoring opportunities, the goalkeepers were the stars after the break.

In a fast pitch which was not in good condition, the game developed with fast transitions. In the first half, both defenses were solid rocks which explains the lack of scoring chances. Cani shot from middistance but Razak controlled the ball in the clearest of them all. Mario had a clear pass to Moreno over the line but missed the play and some other opportunities that ended with a great save by Juan Carlos, stopping the ball that was finally rejected by the crossbar.

After the break, the ambition of locals and visitors for the victory opened the game completely. The best move for the Yellows was a great combination by Gerard Moreno, Marcos Senna, Trigueros and finally Jony Pereira, who finished from close range missing his shot over the bar. Later on, Bruno took a brilliant pass but the home goalkeeper was faster than Jony. The hosts played better during the second half and had their two best chances. In both of them starred Juan Carlos: first a header by Juanjo that was brilliantly saved and, on the next play, another great save responding to a brilliant freekick. But, again, it was Villarreal who took control of the match. Pereira burst his chances down the left wing and the local goalkeeper stepped up again. Canteros, who replaced the injured Mellberg, gave a great pass between defenders but Razak was there to stop the play by Gerard Moreno. The controversy of the match came at the final moments. A play by Jony on the left with Aitor grabbing the shirt of the Galician striker. The referee didn't call a clear penalty.

Match facts

CD Guadalajara: Razak, Javi Barral, Jon Erice (Alex Garcia, 54 '), Cristian (Kike Tortosa, 85'), Vicente, Jony, Caesar Azkorra (Juanjo, 65 '), Alex Ortiz, Aitor and Alvaro.

Villarreal CF: Juan Carlos, Mario, Mellberg (Jaume Costa, 55 '), Musacchio, Dorado (Stonemasons, 71'), Marcos Senna (Bruno, 62 '), Farinós, Cani, Trigueros, Jonathan Pereira and Gerard Moreno.

Referee: Fernando Lopez Steel. Admonish Caesar (61 '), Vicente (67'), Jonathan Pereira (70 ') and Musacchio (71').

Subs: game of the 24th week of the Second Division at the Municipal Stadium Pedro Escartín, attendance of about 3,700 spectators.


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