Villarreal returns with 1 point from Almería (1-1)

Villarreal returns with 1 point from Almería (1-1)

14 / 01 / 2013

The Submarine draws against the Andalusian side with a goal scored by Swedish Olof Mellberg

Villarreal got one point out of its visit to Almería. A bittersweet draw where the Yellows were able to come back on the score and neutralize Almería's goal with Olof Mellberg's equalizer. The match started with an exchange of plays by both teams, with an open game. Villarreal tried to dominate the match with its passing game but Almería was very well settled on the pitch. The Andalusian side started to dominate possesion since the beginning. Slowly, the locals started winning meters and meters of the field, despite the Yellows were able to close the defensive side correctly.

The first clear chance was for the Red anb Whites. Zongo shot on goal and Juan Carlos' save was rejected on Mellberg. Luckily, the Swedish defender was able to save the ball when it was literally over the goal line. Almería argued on the referee's call for they thought the ball had already crossed the line when the save happened.

After this play, the Submarine tried to react, but Almería's pressure was suffocating. There were only two minutes left when Trigueros almost scored the 0-1 by pumping a great shot that came really close to the crossbar. After the break, the second half had the worst possible start for Velázquez's men when Corona scored for the locals. The goal made the Submarine try to gain some meters and come back on the score. Pellerano being sent off contributed. Right after the play that sent the Argentinian off, Senna executed a good free kick that forced Esteban to reject the ball frontally, with Mellberg able to score the equalizer upon hitting this rebound.  

The strengths of both teams balanced and the Yellows started to dominate possesion by controlling midfield. The Submarine tried to find the defensive leaks in Almería's line. Around minute 86, Mellberg had a chance with a header on a great center pass by Farinós but his shot went over the crossbar.

Villarreal tried its best during the final moments but there was no time left. At the end, a bittersweet draw for Villarreal.


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