Villarreal returns with 1 point from Chapín

Villarreal returns with 1 point from Chapín

24 / 12 / 2012

Goalless draw against CD Xerez in a very tight match (0-0)

Villarreal got a point out of its visit to Xerez in a very tight match with a shared domination on behalf of both teams that ended with a goalless draw. At the end, the points were shared between both teams and Velázquez's men end the year 5th in the Lig Adelante standings.

The first twenty minutes were dominated by Villarreal. Neither the bad state of the turf or Xerez's football tactics dissuaded the Submarine to take control. Trying to implement its usual combinative game, Julio Velázquez tried to explode the bands to reach the Chema's goal, done very clearly in the early stages.

In the 5th minute came the great first opportunity for the Submarine. After a measured center pass by Hernan Perez, Cavenaghi finished from close range and the ball hit the inside of the post. Chema managed to save the goal when the ball was nearly inside and the subsequent shot by Uche struck on a defender. Incredible but true. 

A minute later, Cavenaghi tried once again with a shot from outside the box, but the ball was stopped by Chema. As minutes went by, the Blues started gaining minutes, especially with quick steals in midfield and long passes, but the Andalusians weren't able to take advantage of the great opportunities to score.

After the half time break, the match gained in intensity, but the locals were leading first. Around minute 52, Tato intercepted a center pass from Alvaro Rey, but the shot hit the crossbar. The Submarine's replica arrived three minutes later when Trigueros pitched a perfect long ball from Marcos Senna, but the ball hit Chema's right thigh.

The match opened up more and the two teams entered a frantic exchange of blows. Thus the Xerez had another good opportunity, but Pablo Iniguez took the ball from the line right when Tato's shot was about to sneak into the net.

The sudden attacks of the Blues disoriented the Submarine and the locals created even more danger, especially in two clear opportunities by Alvaro Rey and Lucas Porcar. Uche had a very clear one on the extra time with a cross shot from the edge of the goal box but the score didn't move.


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