“We still have a very exciting objective to fight for”

22 / 05 / 2021

Unai Emery, despite the defeat, was positive about the game against Real Madrid before the UEFA Europa League final

Villarreal head coach Unai Emery appeared in front of the media after the defeat to Real Madrid in Valdebebas (2-1): “We were winning until the end and then it all changed in a few minutes. The main aim, which was the Europa League, has been lost. The key was in January and February. The disappointment isn’t for today’s game, the opposite. This match has helped us ahead of Wednesday’s final, when we will fight for a title and a big prize, which is the Champions League.”

The Yellows boss underlined that the Submarine fought to qualify for the UEFA Europa League from the first minute: “Our idea was to win today’s game and wait and see what Real Sociedad and Betis did. We came to compete, as that always helps you improve ahead of the next game.”

Finally, the Basque manager analysed the team’s performance during the season: “We wanted to reach the Europa League but it wasn’t to be. We are going to the Conference League, although on Wednesday we will fight for 90 minutes to get into the Champions League. In the league, we’ve been consistent at some points, but irregular at other points, and we were punished because of that. Despite that, I’m happy with the team’s attitude and behaviour. Lucky for us, the season doesn’t end today, and we’ve got to fight next Wednesday for a lovely aim.”

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