Villarreal Academy arrives in Indiana

18 / 05 / 2021

The Yellows are opening a new international academy in the United States

Villarreal Indiana Academy is now a reality. The Yellows will open another international academy in the United States. Aimed at children aged 14 to 18, it offers a unique opportunity for youngsters in the area, not only providing sporting education under the Yellows’ leading methodology, but also combining it with the academic curriculum also offered by the academy.

Students will attend class at the academy, before their after-school training. Villarreal Indiana Academy has also partnered with Canadian Women’s national team goalkeeper Erin McLeod and Dr. Rachel Lindvall who will help implement their mindfulness curriculum into the daily schedule.

Villarreal Indiana Academy is an expansion of the Villarreal Academy project. The club’s international academy initiative already has a number of academies around the world. In the US, they are in states such as Virginia, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Nevada, and now Indiana.

“We are not taking soccer up a level in the area, we are taking it up ten levels,” said academy director Ethan Hunt, adding: “Villarreal Indiana Academy will provide opportunities never seen in many parts of the United States, but especially the region. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to travel around the region, the country, and the world. Student-athletes will also have the chance to earn a high school diploma while achieving their dream as a soccer player.”

For more information about Villarreal Indiana Academy visit their official website.

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