The Asturian native is one of the big idols for the Submarine fans.

"The ultimate goal is achieved in June, not now”

25 / 10 / 2012

Javi Venta thinks that the club has a positive balance and warns about the difficulty of the season.

The Asturian defender and one of the captains of Villarreal, Javi Venta, highlighted today at the press conference prior to the training session held at El Madrigal that it is really essential that both the submarine and its surroundings keep calm in times like these. "Ever since we started the season, I have seen things that I don't really like. It will be a big mistakes, if you start to believe that you will be leading the Segunda already in February. It is an urealistic idea to think that we can win every weekend, which also shows in the table - all the teams are both winning and losing, which only shows the equality in the league. We are still in a good situation, and although we haven't played our best in the last two matches, I think that we still have an advantage in the coming game. We are all aware that the games on Saturdays are very important. We have had a number of good games, but the last two games broke that streak. With the effort given in the last two matches, we really need to work harder to get back on that streak."

As for the fact that the defender is not playing at the moment, he acknowledge that the goal is to play matches, but also knows that he can contribute to the team in other areas than the matches. "You always want to play, but hey, now I'm trying to get there by working hard together with the team. We all compete to be in the starting 11, but it's the coach's ultimate decision. I really want to play, but we also have to try to help the young players. Therefore, I am also doing what I'm usually doing; train harder, improve my skills, correct my mistakes. I'm always looking at myself, trying to be self-critical, and try to fight harder, so we can turn around our current situation. Even though I'm always training hard, it's the team that matters. I always try to respect the decisions that are made by the coach. To put it nicely, you can't complain if you the decision doesn't suit you."

For the Spaniard, in addition, this season will be a big challenge for the players, especially the youth. "Clearly, this is a very important year. True, there are many young players, and this could might possibly be one of the most important years in their lives right now. Let's show them that Villarreal is a big club, and that you should use this opportunity. We have a lot to offer, and I think that this is positive."


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