Iriome: “It is vital that the team continues to grow”

Iriome: “It is vital that the team continues to grow”

24 / 10 / 2012

Villarreal B midfielder believes that "slow and steady wins the race", because the season still is long

Villarreal B midfielder, Iriome González, highlighted in the press room that his mind is not on getting the team promoted right now. He prefers to focus on its current position, while maintaining his development and thereby get the possibility of getting promoted. "You have to keep working, and then you will see the team grow. Playing away is always very difficult, and we must be prepared for anything. I think, if we keep improving our game, then we will see if we can play for promotion"

Secondly, it is also essential that the team keeps improving even though they just lost. "The victory against Binissalem was tough, but we fought hard. Nothing is for free in Segunda B, and the three points are now very important if we want to keep climbing up the table. These victories are hard to achieve, but this league is as difficult as any other. We are a team that likes to attack, but it is very hard to find gaps when the opponent keeps defending well.

As for the upcoming opponent of the yellows, the Olimpic Xativa (Sunday, 16:30 at La Murta) is known to be a difficult opponent - especially when playing at home. "The Olimpic is a tough opponent, the stadium is a fort, and they are winning many points there, but we have to continue playing our game and keep working hard. It is true that we are young, but we try to counter this with high quality football, and a willingness to work hard. If you look at the last six or seven games you will see this. I believe we are improving in every game.

Finally, the player noted that the youth of the submarine is so good that there always are a guarantee of new players. "For some, age may be an important issue, but the players in Villarreal are so good, that we have the luxury of not worrying about this issue. I think that any player in the subsidiary, Villarreal C or even the Youth Honor Division is ready - or at least could be ready - to do it in a very short amount of time. Everyone are doing well, and I think the kids are qualified."


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