Artana native player will be able to return to play against Mirandés, after completing his suspension

Bruno: "We have to be patient and believe in this team".

24 / 10 / 2012

Bruno, who will come back against Mirandés after completing his suspension, believes Villarreal will react during the next matches

Villarreal midfielder Bruno Soriano has made a press conference appearance earlier today. He has highlighted the team's need for calmness and self confidence after the last matches. “Concerns and doubting of our skills is not good for the team, these won't be of any help and are not good for the team. I understand the fans want us to be up in the standings, but we need to be patient and be aware that this is a long season. The team knows what it wants and will fight for it. Our only goal is the promotion and the players are very close to the coach. I don't see him any close to a nervous state”.

Artana native believes the Submarine is only having a bad streak and that the locker room is anxious to proof its skills. "We haven't performed well, but teams get these streaks and that's it. The important thing is to focus on the next match and get the points. The teams knows what the goal is and must react. For winning we need to play at our 100%, if not anybody can take us. If we don't play our best, we won't be able to win anyone”.

Regarding the group's attitude, Bruno admitted no questions. He believes a victory will help to see things differently. "It bothers us that people think we have a bad attitude. Each player has a different way to react against defeats but I don't agree with this. We need to win this Saturday and things will be seen in a different way".

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