Groguet Fan card

Groguet Fan card

17 / 10 / 2012

Be a part of the yellow family from anywhere in the world!

In the season of 2012-2013 Villarreal CF launches the exclusive "Groguet" fan card, of which you can become part of the yellow family from anywhere in the world. By signing up, you will enjoy exclusive benefits, gifts, and the unique experience of feeling closer to your favourite club. The card is primarily intended for fans outside the province of Castellón as well as other countries in the world, but the fan card can, of course, be acquired by our local fans. When you sign up for the fan card, you also receive gifts, raffles, prizes, discounts, and many more advantages.

Get your fan card now!

What benefits follows being a Groguet?

  • THE WELCOME PACKAGE. The Grouguet card includes various gifts to welcome you into our yellow family. In addition to the fan card, which is the official certificate that you are a part of the Yellow Submarine, you will also receive an exclusive supporter pack.

  • YOU ARE FREE TO ATTEND ANY MATCH. You can enjoy a match of your choice at El Madrigal in the 2012-2013 season. So go ahead and plan a match, bring a friend and enjoy watching the Yellow Submarine for free.

  • BUY YOUR TICKETS AT HALF PRICE. As a member of the Groguet, you will benefit from a reduced price on the tickets (50 percent off the price stipulated in box office) on the purchase of 6 tickets during the season for any game you want in El Madrigal.

  • ONLINE STORE DISCOUNTS. Beside the two tickets for a match at El Madrigal, you will also receive coupons worth 5 € each to purchase any product in our online store:

  • PRIZE JERSEYS. Each month, among our Groguets, we will draw a winner of a jersey signed by the players on the first team of Villarreal CF.

  • EXCLUSIVE CHATS. As a Groguet you will have the opportunity to be part of exclusive chats, where you will get the chance to talk to the stars of Villarreal CF.

  • PARTICIPATE IN EXCLUSIVE "FAN DAYS". Enjoy a unique day of activities in the club. Throughout the day, we will let you take closer look at the world of Villarreal CF, follow training sessions, have lunch with the players and coaching staff, play a match between supporters on our training fields, and much more.

  • THE GROGUET COMMUNITY. You are allowed into our premium online website, where you can participate in different games, competitions and compete against other Groguets around the world. This could for example be in FIFA, Pro Evolution, Fantasy League – all places, where you can demonstrate your skills, win prizes, and even get the right to be the official club player online.

  • RECEIVE OUR OFFICAL NEWSLETTER. Receive emails with highlighted news of Villarreal CF, daily or weekly – you decide, in order for you to stay on top of everything that happens in the club.

.. And many more surprises, which we will reveal throughout the season. Just remember, no matter how far away you are from the yellow family, El Madrigal gets closer every weekend.

Terms and conditions of the fan card.

  • The Groguet fan card is 25 Euros (€)
  • Both coupons for the online store are not cumulative; they serve for two separate purchases, and can be applied on any product.
  • To attend the match invitation El Madrigal this season, you must apply with a minimum of four days (96 hours) in order to ensure availability of your seat.
  • Applications for match invitation must be processed by phone +34 964 500 250 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where and how to get the Groguet fan card?

  • Official Shop of El Madrigal or online at the official website:

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