Velázquez: "Counting on the available players"

Velázquez: "Counting on the available players"

11 / 10 / 2012

Villarreal coach, Julio Velázquez, today downplayed the importance of the large numbers of injuries that the submarine is facing.

Velázquez reassured that the squad is broad and consists of quality players, so Villarreal is prepared for any situation. "I cannot complain about this now, because we have a big squad. I have great confidence in the players, and we can only comply with the sanctions. Bruno's suspension is a problem, but every team experience issues with too many cards. The problem is there, and we must try to solve the problem through alternative solutions. I know that we have other choices for the position, and I would not mind letting a young player prove his worth, because I know that we have the quality players to do so."

At the tactical level, the coach said that there still are decisions to be made. "In the midfield we are still evaluating the alternatives, because we have several options. The team still creates big chances, but needs to be more precise in front of the goal. But I think it is something which will improve throughout the game – if we continue creating big chances, we will score a goal in the end.".

Regarding the players that might be recovered for the match, Jaume Costa, Canteros and Pandiani, the coach still has high hopes. "Even though Jaume Costa not has been able to train with us, he should still be fully capable of playing the match. Canteros has developed really well up till now, and he is able of playing several positions. Pandiani is definitely ready again. He has been working hard, and even though I thought he was out, I believe that he is ready to enter the pitch again.".

Velázquez also reassured that despite the recent defeat against Gijon, it was one of their best performances. "I analysed the recordings of the match after the defeat, and it was in my opinion one undoubtedly the best game we've played yet. I therefore think, that this game has helped us to be even better and continue growing as a team.".

Finally, the coach also spoke about the upcoming rival of the yellow submarine. "Huesca is a team that plays quite different when they are away compared to when they are playing on their own stadium. Huesca has also been developing slowly, and they might give us trouble. If we give them space, they are very good at creating chances. It is a game that we play at home, and therefore we must focus on our game and play our way".


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