Defeat at the Molinon (2-0)

Defeat at the Molinon (2-0)

08 / 10 / 2012

Villarreal go down at Sporting in a match marked by the harsh dismissal of Bruno Sorriano

Villarreal went down to their first defeat of the season, losing 2-0 at the Molinon with goals from David and Sangoy securing the win for Sporting Gijon. But it was a match marked by the harsh dismissal of Bruno in the 35th minute for an alleged kick at Carmona that was more about a reflex action than an act of malice. And to make matters worse for the visitors, referee Mario Melero, in probably not the greatest performance of his life, managed to ignore a clear elbow by Gregory on Cavanaghi and then, in the closing minutes, adjudged a stamp by Sangoy on Gerard Bordas only to be worthy of a yellow card.

Up until Bruno´s dismissal in the 35th minute Villarreal had shown themselves to be far the better of the two sides, totally solid in defence and the creators of a host of early chances. But invigorated by Bruno´s red card Sporting came forward and were rewarded with David´s 39th minute strike. Gambling on a three man back line Julio Velzquez´z men surged forward in the second half in search of the equaliser and despite their numerical inferiority could have achieved it had it not been for some inaccurate finishing. But with time running out and the Yellows going all for the leveller despite Gerard receiving treatment following Sangoy´s stamp, leaving them with just only nine men on the field, the home side secured the win. And it was Sangoy himself, who should probably not have still been on the pitch, whose shot eluded Juan Carlos into the visitor´s goal for Sporting´s second.

Match facts:

Real Sporting: Cuellar; Luis Hernandez, Gregory, Ivan Hernandez, Canella, David (Mendy, 61'), Mandi (Ricardo, 67´), Carmona, Alex Barrera, Trejo (Carmelo, 74´) and Sangoy

Villarreal CF: Juan Carlos; Mario, Mellberg, Lejeune (Toribio, 46´), Jaume Costa, Bruno, Marcos Senna, Cani (Uche, 58´), Trigueros, Hernan Perez and Cavenaghi (Gerard Bordas, 71')

Referee: Mario Melero Lopez. Yellow cards for Mario (21´), Carmona (55'), Toribio (73´) Sangoy (86'). Straight red card for Bruno (35´)

Match corresponding to the eighth match day in the La Liga second division played at the Molinon in front of 17,000 spectators.


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