Two Villarreal Women feature for Venezuela

13 / 04 / 2021

Yenifer Gimenez and Kareylen Capdevilla took part in their country's games against Argentina (0-0, 1-0) and the match against the Basque Country (0-0)

Two of the Villarreal Women first-team squad featured for the Venezuela national team in their recent set of fixtures. Yenifer Gimenez and Kareyen Capdevilla took part in the three games their country played, two against Argentina and one against the Basque Country.

The first game was a friendly against Argentina, ending 0-0. Gimenez started, and played the whole 90 minutes, while Capdevilla played 45.

The second game was also against the same country, but this time it was part of the Basque Country InternationaL Women's Cup. Venezuela lost 1-0 to Argentina in a match where Gimenez played 45 minutes and Capdevilla featured for half an hour.

In their last match, Venezuela drew 0-0 against the Basque Country, a result which saw them finish third in the Basque Country International Women's Cup. Gimenez played 45 minutes and Capdevilla played 30.

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