A beautiful comeback to start the season! (2-1)

A beautiful comeback to start the season! (2-1)

18 / 08 / 2012

An outstanding Cavenaghi contributes with his two goals to the victory over Real Madrid Castilla

Villarreal CF managed to achieve a very important victory in its debut on the Liga Adelante. With Cavenaghi on command, the team was able to comeback and secure the first three points of the season 2012-2013. The Argentinian scored two goals  –the second was an amazing shot with the left foot- and the team worked very hard to beat one of the league's most powerful teams.

The Submarine started the match dominating ball possession. The team was neatly spread over the pitch and had the determination of winning the battle of midfield. Julio Velázquez's men exploited Senna, Trigueros and Cani to get closer to the White box, even though Toril's men brought continuous fastbreaks every time they stole the ball.

Villarreal was getting closer and closer until the referee called an strange decision that shook the match upside down. In a quick fastbreak involving Jesé, Mellberg stole the ball with Castilla's forward in the small box, but the referee had no doubts and called the penalty. Jesé shot and scored.

This goal was a hard hit on the Yellows, but around minute 28 Uche had a great chance to even the score. He received a long pass from Cani but his shot went just outside the goalpost. The Submarine was looking for a leak to break into the area of Castilla, but their defenders played very well and blocked any chances.

Julio Velázquez's men hadn't said their last words though. Just at the final moments of the first half, Mellberg headed a corner kick and after hitting on a defender, the ball went to Cavenaghi who was able to shoot from inside the goalkeeper's box and scored the 1-1. On the second half, the team dominated the game until another controversial decision came by. Uche was clearly fouled inside the box but the referee didn't call it. Castilla reacted and started to send dangerous attacks on Juan Carlos' goal, especially a center ball from Denis that Fabinho headed over the goal and a cross shot from Alex that was about to get in the goal.

Around minute 65, Cavenaghi escaped from his defender on a great move but his shot was not accurate. The match was completely open and Castilla kept fastbreaking while the Submarine was looking for the appropriate chance.

On minute 79, Cavenaghi managed to intercept an incorrect pass of the White team and after two good moves he positioned himself for a long distance shot with his left foot, and sent the ball with an incredible effect that was impossible for the goalkeeper to stop. That was the 2-1, a very important goal from the Buenos Aires striker.

In the following minutes, Real Madrid Castilla tried to react while Villarreal tried to close the match stealing the ball and fastbreaking, but the score no longer changed.

Match report:

Villarreal: Juan Carlos; Javi Venta, Mellberg, Musacchio, Joan Oriol, Trigueros, Marcos Senna, Toribio (Moi Gómez, 42'), Cani (Pablo González, 76'); Uche (Jaume Costa, 66') and Cavenaghi.

Real Madrid Castilla: Mejías; Fabinho, Nacho, Mateos, Casado; Juanfran (De Tomás, 84'), Mosquera, Álex (Lucas, 84'), Denis; Plano (Borja García, 68') and Jesé.

Goals: 0-1, min. 18: Jesé. 1-1, min. 45: Cavenaghi. 2-1, min. 79: Cavenaghi.

Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez. Yellow cards for Mellberg (17'), Toribio (31') and Moi Gómez (69') from Villarreal and Mosquera (35') from  Real Madrid Castilla. He sent off Villarreal's second coach, Kike Burgos, on minute 40.


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