Game numbers confirmed!

Game numbers confirmed!

14 / 08 / 2012

The players have confirmed the numbers they will wear on their jerseys during the 2012-13 season

It's done. Our players have chosen their numbers for this season. Due to the important number of players that have left the team and the newcomers, there have been many changes on the number list for the 2012-2013 campaign. Despite this fact and with the exception of Mario (who wore number 14 last season and now will own number 2), the players that were here last season and carry on playing for the Submarine have the same numbers.

This is the official list of numbers, plus the sporting names of our players:

1. Mariño

2. Mario

3. Joan Oriol

4. Musacchio

5. Truyols

6. Mellberg

7. Toribio

8. Uche

9. Cavenaghi

10. Cani

11. Hernán Pérez

14. Trigueros

17. Javi Venta

18. J. Costa

19. Marcos Senna

21. Bruno

22. Rossi

23. G. M. Bordas

25. J. C. Sánchez

27. Moi. Gómez

28. Lejeune


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