Jamie Kemble, a Welsh Yellow

09 / 04 / 2021

Jamie Kemble is an avid Villarreal fan from the UK

Welsh Villarreal fan Jamie Kemble has supported the team for over ten years. He lives in Loughborough, England but is still an active supporter.

Jamie explained how a visit to Vila-real as a child was when his love for the Yellows began: “I developed a soft spot for Villarreal in 2008 after a visit to the club as part of a trip with my school. We were fortunate enough to spend time training with the club's academy coaches over several days and take a tour of La Cerámica. That trip, learning about Villarreal, the people at the club, meeting players like Marcos Senna, Joan Capdevila and Robert Pires and learning about the local area, really set the foundations for becoming a fan of the club to the point where I'm tuned in to every game and even press conferences!”

He has since returned to Vila-real, with his last trip being three-and-a-half years ago. He added: “I last got to see Villarreal live in October 2017 and it really has been too long. I got to see a Europa League draw with Slavia Prague and a LaLiga win over Las Palmas. It was a great trip, and I love the community as well as the games.”

Jamie has fallen in love with Vila-real and Villarreal CF so much that he is thinking of moving permanently to the area: “I am working on being a lot closer to Vila-real in the near future, so hopefully, sooner rather than later, I'll be seeing more games in person than I do on TV, but for now, I have to make do with LaLigaTV.”

He concluded by talking about what makes Villarreal so special for him: “I started supporting the Yellow Submarine after witnessing just how unique the club is, how it defies the odds year after year despite coming from humble beginnings, at least compared to others in the region and across LaLiga. It's brilliant to see so many more fans also getting caught up in that magic as the years progress and Villarreal continues to establish itself as a force both at home and in Europe.”

Here at Villarreal CF, through the series 'Yellows Around The World', we will tell the stories of some of the Submarine's biggest international fans.

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