Raúl Albiol and Elena de Toro go back to school

25 / 03 / 2021

The men’s first-team defender and the women’s first-team goalkeeper took part in a fun video call with students from CEIP Lluís Vives in Xilxes

Raúl Albiol and Elena de Toro took part in a fun video call this afternoon with students from the CEIP Lluís Vives school in Xilxes. The students were able to ask all sort of questions to the men’s first-team centre-back and the women’s first-team goalkeeper about their professional trajectories in a fun online conversation.

A new format, due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Villarreal is having to reinvent its community activities in times of adversity. The club, through the Endavant Club Groguet programme, has come up with a new format for ‘A Star In Your School’, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, to help the Yellows stars get closer to the youngest fans in the province of Castellón.

So far this season, the players who have taken part are: Sergio Asenjo (CEIP Don José Alba in La Vilavella), Fer Niño (CEIP Botànic Calduch in Vila-real), Jaume Costa (CEIP Lluís Tena in Sant Jordi) and Raúl Albiol and Elena de Toro (CEIP Lluís Vives in Xilxes). From now on for the rest of the season, men and women’s first-team players will take part in video calls to schools to have fun with some of the youngest Villarreal fans around.

As well as the interview with Villarreal stars, schools in the province of Castellón can enjoy a training session run by Yellows Academy coaches and a guided tour of the Estadio de la Cerámica free of charge.

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