The Future is Here!

The Future is Here!

21 / 07 / 2012

Trigueros and Moi have gone through the academy

They are young, but they already have great experience in professional football. Manu Trigueros and Moi Gomez are two young gems for Villarreal this season, playing for the first team. They both were brought up to the reserves midway through last year, responding to the strong demand of professional football. Now they will be part of the first team, and try to help the Submarine get back to First Division football.

Manuel Trigueros Munoz (Talavera de la Reina, October 17, 1991) is the perfect example of rising through the ranks. He came to Villarreal from Real Murcia two years ago, starting with Villarreal C, where he quickly became one of the integral components of the squad, which gave him the chance to play with reserves. Even with little time to adjust, the midfielder quickly became a mainstay for the Mini Submarine (25 games, 3 goals), and this year will play with the first team. "It all happened really fast. I am very happy with the opportunity I have and I hope to get playing time if I do things well. The competition is always good. And with these guys, you always learn something at every training session because in the first team there is a lot more rhythm and you have to decide a lot faster. The first few days give you nervous impression training with these players, but then you realize it's an honor.

Also, Trigueros is very conscious that it will not be easy, more so in a division such as the Second Division, although he is optimistic for the future. "The manager has warned us that it will be difficult for us to win a spot, but that we have patience and compete for a spot on the team every day. We must work hard and to go humbly to every pitch in the Second Division. We have many experienced players and I am sure that we will complete the goal."

Moises Gómez Bordonado (Rojales, Alicante, October 20, 1994) has committed his life to football quite early. Not many players can say they debuted in First Division football at just the age of 17 (which he did against Malaga in the Rosaleda last year).

He has been in Villarreal since 11 years old and has climbed through the ranks – he left Juvenil A to debut with the reserves in the Second division – The Alicante admits there is no rush, although he thinks he will take the chances given to him. "The manager has told me to do things well in order to get some minutes because there are many other players that are very good. I have to train very well to take advantage of the opportunities they give me."

In addition, Moi Gomez stressed that Julio Velazquez and Villarreal are committed to continuing to playing the same way that has always characterized the club. "The approach remains the same. The Manager hasn't changed from the reserves or the first team."

And, like his teammate, he believes promotion is an obligation. "We are obligated to return Villarreal to the First Division. We don't think about anything else but that. The level of the squad is very high and for us it's better that the big players stay in Villarreal because it will be easier to reach our goal of promotion.


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