Marcos Senna: “This is my home and I will raise it again”

Marcos Senna: “This is my home and I will raise it again”

12 / 07 / 2012

The Villarreal captain recognizes the upcoming season "is a pleasure, because this club has given me everything."

The central midfielder and Villarreal captain, Marcos Senna, explained the team is determined to return to top flight football. "We've had a long holiday to rest because the Second Division is really long. We have to change the gears and adapt because the idea is to return to the First Division. The club will continue to have the same philosophy; that is why I have agreed to continue here. This is my home and I will raise it again. It's my pleasure to stay; therefore, I intend to be as professional as possible. This club has given me everything and I will give my all to return to the First Division."

Although he is already an established veteran, the Hispanic-Brazilian noted that the Second Division is a very demanding league in which Villarreal must adapt from the first day. "I don't want to be distant from the others, but I am aware that I am 35 years old. I intend to do my best all the time, and to be 100% strong when the season starts. We should adapt to the Second Division because the game is much more intense. We already have changed gears and we know what is ahead. The most important thing is to get to work because the Second Division is very competitive and long. We played against the best teams in the world, and now we have to do it in the Second tier. We want to continue with the same philosophy of the sport, and I think we have that capability. I come with high hopes, although I know that there will be difficult moments."

Also, The Yellow number 19 believes that now is the moment that the team can return the favor to the club, and to maintain the belief of returning to La Liga. "This club shouldn't be in the Second Division. We failed, and the players are the ones to blame. Now we have the opportunity to shake it off and return to the First Division. 

In regards to recent events, Senna showed his surprise from the manager, Julio Velazquez, despite his youth. "The manager has a lot to of growing to do. He has shown he is mature, and I am surprised because despite being young, he has a lot of football experience. He has everything to be successful. I respect him as if he were older than I am." Furthermore, the central midfielder had some words about his friend Javi Venta: "He knows the club well and can contribute a lot. He has a lot of experience and he will be very useful because we have a lot of young footballers. I'm happy that he chose Villarreal because he also my friend."

Finally, Villarreal captain spoke of the tribute that the club has given him for his 10 years of service – The Submarines renamed gate 19 to Marcos Senna Gate – and he hopes it brings luck to the team. "It was a surprise to me that they would put my name on the gate to the stadium. I hope that this gives us luck this year, and that we can return to the Primera, where we should never leave."


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