Villarreal Academy lands in Mexico

30 / 10 / 2020

The Yellows have launched a new international academy in Mexico City

Villarreal CF, through the Villarreal Academy project, will open a new international academy in Mexico. Villarreal CD Mexico Academy will have five bases throughout Mexico City.

The boys and girls from Villarreal CD México Academy will train under Villarreal CF's methodology, and the club will work continuously with the coaching staff at the academy to help the players grow with a focus on players' individual development.

Israel Gutiérrez, Villarreal CD México Academy CEO explains: "Mexico City is full of talent and we believe that our focus on the king of sports will have an extremely positive impact on our players and our community. I believe that Villarreal is a world-class club, which has has some Mexican players in its ranks, and this has made me think big and want to be on board the Yellow Submarine."

Villarreal now has a number of academies and affiliate schools around the world, in countries such as the USA, Australia, Sweden, Japan, China, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Canada and Mexico.

For more information about Villarreal CD México Academy, visit: http://www.villarrealcdmxacademy.com.

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