Villarreal CF and Elda Unión CF renew their agreement

24 / 09 / 2020

The agreement that already existed with Elitei Project CF has been extended to the new club born from the merger with Elda Promesas CF

Villarreal CF and Elda Unión CF have renewed their collaboration agreement in regards to youth football, extending the agreement the Yellows had with Elitei Project CF, which has merged with Elda Promesas CF, to create a new and ambitious youth football project.

The signing of the agreement, which took place at Elda Unión CF's facilities, was attended by Andrés Pardo, director of the youth technical committee; and Elda Unión CF president José Vicente Cabanes.

Despite the early days of the sporting project, Elda Unión CF aims to compete with the biggest youth academies in the province of Alicante. At the moment, it has 30 federated teams and more than 400 players. They also have a senior women's team.

Villarreal CF has a number of affiliated domestic and international clubs to help the growth of players and coaches. Many young talents who started at these clubs are now completely integrated in the Yellows Academy.

The following clubs are affiliated wth Villarreal CF: CD Roda, Escuela de Fútbol Torre-Pacheco, CD Oliver, A.D.I.U.R., Mislata UF, CD Floresta, Lacross Babel, Benicarló Base Fútbol, UDE Vall de Uxó, Vila d’Onda and Elda Unión CF.


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