More than 500 kilometres for Creixem

19 / 05 / 2020

Villarreal season-ticket holder Juanma Fábrega is taking part in the challenge of running 12 marathons to raise funds for the charity from Vinaròs

Putting in hard work. Villarreal fan Juanma Fábrega is immersed in the challenge of running 12 marathons in 12 months, with the aim of fundraising for the CREIXEM charity.

After months of preparation and training to complete the challenge, the athlete from Vinaròs, last year planned his participation in various competitions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of sporting competitions forced him to rethink. "After having run the first three in Valencia, Murcia and Castellón, the pandemic arrived and the next races were suspended. Due to that, in April I decided to run the marathon on the treadmill at home and in this week I ran one throughout Burriana," he says, as despite coming from Vinaròs he now lives in Burriana.

Last Sunday, he completed his fifth marathon and he is now planning where and when to do the following one: "I would like to do somewhere different. Maybe on an athletics track. Our aim is to find people to collaborate with us to help us with this initiative for charity."

Fábrega is a Villarreal CF season-ticket and every other week goes to the Estadio de la Cerámica, with his father and his son. "We're regulars. We go to all the games and we all miss football, especially my son. We can't wait for the league to restart and enjoy watching Villarreal again."

CREIXEM, part of Endavant Igualtat

CREIXEM is a child development centre for children with neurodevelopment orders, or those who are at risk of developing them, who since the centre's expansion work with 200 boys and girls in the north of the Castellón province. The centre in Vinaròs is part of the Endavant Igualtat initiative, where 11-a-side teams from the Yellows Academy work with a charity in the province to carry out distinct activities which are enriching for both parties.

To get more information about CREIXEM's '12 marathons - 12 months' initiative, or to collaborate by donating, visit their website here: CREIXEM.

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