Integrity and education: Yellows Academy values

11 / 12 / 2019

Sides from U11s to U19s received a special workshop by LaLiga's Official Integrity Department

Integrity and education are two important pillars of the Yellows Academy. Sides from U11s to U19s from the Villarreal youth set up have received a workshop from 'Integridad', organised by LaLiga and carried out by Óscar Marín, Official Integrity Department member of the prestigious sporting organisations.

During the conversation, the Yellows youngsters and their coaches, who were involved in five different sessions, were clearly interested in the material, which spoke about aspects directly related to the practising of the sport and its development.

The first block of the conferences was about the importance of fair play. The LaLiga representative took charge of illustrating the transcendence of this, which helps personal and sporting growth.

Marín also spoke directly to the youngsters from the Yellows Academy to speak about relevant aspects both on and off the pitch. He focused on respecting opponents, officials and team-mates, as well as rejecting racism, sexism or discrimination towards individual.

Another one of the themes was the use of social network. The players received useful advice about how to behave in the digital world and therefore avoiding present and future dangers which can happen on this sort of media and applications.

Finally, Marín warned about the numerous problems that sports bets could generate, focusing on addiction and gambling. He also warned about the ban on people associated to professional clubs betting on any competition or league that the sporting entity in question competes in.

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