Villarreal and Levante present the "Trofeu jo sóc"

20 / 11 / 2019

The presentation ceremony for the Valencian pilota tournament took place this Wednesday at the Pelayo Trinquet in Valencia, with president José Manuel Llaneza present

Villarreal CF continues to support Valencian pilota. Therefore, the club has joined up with Levante UD to create a new professional competition that goes by the name "Trofeu jo sóc." The tournament will be played in the scale and corda modality at the Vila-real and Pelayo trinquets.

The presentation ceremony was held this Wednesday at the Pelayo de Valencia trinquet, which hosted a press conference in which members of both boards of directors participated. On behalf of Villarreal CF, the club's vice president, José Manuel Llaneza, attended.

It's worth remembering that Villarreal CF was the pioneer when it came to connecting football and pilota to the highest level and now it has joined forces with Levante UD with the aim of supporting and making the Valencian pilota sport bigger.

In reality, the "Trofeu jo sóc" combines three competitions. Firstly, they will play the Villarreal CF Tournament and the Levante UD Tournament. Both of those will be carried out over two days with similar formats. There will be two semi-finals on one day and on the other, the final and the third place play-off.

The semi-finals of the Villarreal CF Tournament will be played next Friday, 22nd November at the municipal trinquet in the same la Plana town. At 4:45pm, Genovés II, Raúl and Tomás II will face José Salvador, Javi and Álvaro. After that, Puchol II, Héctor and Héctor II will be up against Marc, Nacho and Bueno.

On Friday 29th November, at the same Vila-real trinquet, the day will begin with the third place play-off game. Afterwards, the winning semi-finalists will face off in the final.

In the Levante UD - 110 Anniversary Tournament, the semi-finals will take place on Saturday 23rd November, this time at the Pelayo trinquet in Valencia. The first tie will be Soro III, Jesús and Salva against Francés, Félix and Guillermo (4:30pm). Then, Pere Roc II, Pere and Carlos will play against De la Vega, Santi and Monrabal II.

The second part of the tournament will take place on Saturday 30th November, again in Pelayo, also with the third place play-off game followed by the final.

Then comes the third part, time for the winning team of the Villarreal CF Tournament to face the winners of the Levante UD - 110 Anniversary Tournament to establish in the outright champion of the first edition of the Jo Sóc Trofeu.

The title will be decided with two legs. The first will be played in the Vila-real trinquet on the weekend of December 6th-8th while the second leg is scheduled for Saturday 14th December at Pelayo. The champions will be the team that wins both games. And in the event of a draw, regardless of the result, a best of three games would be played on the 14th at the Pelayo trinquet.

Both the Vila-real trinquet day on the weekend of December 6th - 8th and the Pelayo day on December 14th, will start with a women's raspall game.

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