TAU Castelló receive the Frost-Trol Award

16 / 10 / 2019

The side from Castellón has been given an award for its excellent trajectory during the first 25 years of existence

Villarreal CF handed TAU Castelló the Frost-trol 25th Anniversary Award in the Endavant Esports 2019 Gala, which took place this Wednesday at Paranimf the Jaume I University (Universidad Jaume I).

Frost-trol CEO José Luis Solsona was the man responsible for handing over the award to TAU Castelló president Luis García.

The Yellows have given the prize to the Castellón side for their excellent trajectory during the first 25 years of existence. TAU Castelló is a reference for male basketball in Castellón. Since it was founded, it has not stopped growing. As well as being the club with the most players in all the province in this sport, Toni Ten's side are competing in LEB Oro for the fifth season in a row.

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