Into the COTIF final!

07 / 08 / 2019

Morante, Baena and Collado's Spain U20s will face Russia

Into the COTIF final! Three Villarreal CF academy players (Iván Morante, Álex Baena and Diego Collado) will fight for the prestigious title with Spain U20s, after they beat Mauritania 4-0 yesterday, and they will face Russia in the final on Thursday (10:30pm CEST).

The three Yellows came off the bench. Morante and Collado in the 41st minute and Baena in the 50th. The goals came from Soto, Latasa, González and Cedric.

The Ladies First Team win and approach the final

The Ladies First Team also won yesterday in their last COTIF Group Stage match. Sara Monforte's players beat Bolivia 3-0 thanks to goals from Colonques, Sheila and Albeta. The Yellows will play in the final if Spain U19 can beat or draw with India today (8:30pm CEST). If that happens, Villarreal will face Spain in the final.

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