Five years of excitement and support

18 / 06 / 2019

This season, Endavant has reached 153,550 people and the club has invested 966,600 Euros

Stronger and more thrilling than ever. Villarreal CF's corporate brand Endavant, turns five, with a hugely positive rating. It was founded in 2014, with the aim of transmitting and representing the club's values through distinct activities that it has been involved in for over a decade, with social, cultural, sporting and educative aims. The club, a sporting model for many, and praised for its healthy financial situation, after turning down public grants, has always underlined its social commitment beyond sport.

With all the initiatives carried out in the 2018/19 season just finished, Villarreal CF has helped 153,550 people and invested 966,600 Euros.

Endavant Esports (6,000 people reached and 600,000 Euros of investment) 

Once more, Villarreal has sponsored clubs and athletes from the province of Castellón with the aim of promoting and collaborating in the growth of elite provincial sport. This initiative started more than a decade ago, with the support shown to Pablo Herrera, who received a silver medal in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens in beach volleyball. Since then, the club has increased its economic collaboration, as well as the use of facilities and medical services, to a number of athletes from various disciplines.

Currently, Endavant Esports supports 24 clubs and 25 individual athletes. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that Endavant Esports organises the Trofeu Villarreal CF for Valencian pilota, and collaborates with the Penyagolosa Trails race, the Dements Marathon and the cycling GP Vila-real-Morella. Furthermore, there is a section dedicated to Valencian pilota, and other to provincial football clubs.

In total this season, Endavant Esports has helped 6,000 athletes, with Villarreal investing 600,000 Euros.

Endavant Solidaritat (120,000 people reached and 117,500 Euros of investment) 

Another one of the initiatives with the biggest reach has been Endavant Solidaritat this season, reaching 120,000 people, with an investment of 117,500 Euros. Villarreal CF has underlined its charitable nature, economically and socially supporting non-governmental organisations, institutions, foundations, charities, associations and centres – mainly in Castellón and the Comunidad Valenciana – such as ASPANION, Cáritas, Fundación Diagrama, Cruz Roja, Penyeta Roja, etc. 

Endavant Igualtat (18,000 people reached and 78,000 Euros of investment) 

Once more, the Yellows Academy has underlined the club's charitable side. To do so, in the 2015/16 season, the club put the Endavant Igualtat initiative in place in the 2015/16 season, previously unheard of in Spain, where each youth 11-a-side team are linked with a charity centre in the province of Castellón.

The Psychology and Methodology departments of the club are committed to this initiative for the academy players' education and personal development, with a clear aim: to help the centre's members in their personal development, as well as forming people with with good values and appropriate social sensitivity to the needs and difficulties of others. This exchange of values helps both parties. The initiative involves activities working together throughout the season, with regular visits to both the centres and Villarreal's facilities.

In the 2018/19 season, Endavant Igualtat has reached 18,000 people, with 78,000 Euros of investment. The best backing this campaign went to CREIXEM to help expand their centre in Vinaròs.

Endavant Província (3,800 people reached and 100,000 Euros of investment) 

Endavant Província has a clear goal: to promote tourism in the Castellón province. Through what is an original initiative, Villarreal CF aims collaborate and unite efforts to boost economical and cultural activity in the province by spreading the word about its most representative products, events and destinations.

Without a doubt, it is doing just that. This season, Endavant Província has reached 3,800 people with an investment of 100,000 Euros. Villarreal CF uses all the media resources at its reach to promote tourism in a different town for every home match at the Estadio de la Cerámica. In this way, the club has become an ambassador for the province in the top flight of Spanish football, thus expanding its horizons with the presence of foreign fans.

In the week before the match, ex-Yellows footballer Marcos Senna and five football coaches from the Yellows Academy do a football clinic to the delight of the youngsters from the town. The club also makes their official media resources available to the towns for promotion purposes throughout the week before the game, as well as featuring them on the scoreboard screen during the match.

Villarreal CF also offers tickets to the town's citizens so they can enjoy a live match. In addition, the authorities from each town take part in the clubs' official lunch for the Board of Directors, in which typical foods are prepared by a local restaurant from the town. The Mayor is a special guest and therefore gets to sit in the front row of the VIP Box with the Presidents of both clubs.

As a climax, the town's music band also has a role in the match, as they play some pieces of music before the match and at half-time on the pitch at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

Endavant Formació (1,750 people reached and 64,000 Euros of investment) 

Villarreal CF, conscious of the importance of education, started the ‘Endavant Formació’ initiative. As a result, the Submarine has collaborative agreements with different educational centres, such as the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), the CEU-Universidad Cardenal Herrera and the IES Miralcamp. In this way, the club can manifest its clear commitment to drive the growth of student athletes, as well as support the constant improvement of formation, investigation, the spreading of knowledge and innovation both in social and sports fields.

In this 2018/19 season, Villarreal invested 64,000 Euros in Endavant Formació, reaching 1,750 people. One of the most important initiatives has been the support given to elite athletes from the UJI, with grants handed out.

Endavant Club Groguet (4,000 people reached and 11,500 Euros of investment) 

El Villarreal CF cuenta con su propio club infantil, el Club Groguet, creado en 2007 y absolutamente pionero en su clase. Con actividades deportivas, lúdicas y solidarias, el Club Groguet tiene como principal objetivo inculcar valores como el deporte, la salud y la igualdad. El mensaje se transmite a través de sus medios oficiales y en las actividades dentro y fuera de los centros educativos, todos amparados bajo la dirección del Villarreal CF. 

Villarreal CF has its very own kids club, the ‘Club Groguet’ (Yellow Kids Club), set up in 2007 and the first of its kind. . With sports, leisure and solidarity activities the Club Groguet’s main aim is to instil sporting, health and equality values. The club is advertised through official media and in the activities done inside and outside of the educational centres, all under the management of Villarreal CF.

The standout activity from the 2018/19 season has been 'A Star At Your School'. Not only because Villarreal first-team players have visited schools throughout the province for a fun-packed day, but also because each school has been able to enjoy a free Villarreal CF youth football coaches visit to carry out a clinic, as well as enjoying a match at the Estadio de la Cerámica, a guided tour of the stadium and an end-of-year party.

In total, Villarreal CF spent 11,500 Euros on Endavant Club Groguet, reaching 4,000 people.

Endavant is the slogan that Villarreal CF and everyone involved with the club have adopted with pride. Endavant is the name of all these activities because it underlines the club's spirit and values: strength, courage, unity, optimism and excitement. Endavant is the hard work of everyone.

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