Vila-real hosts the PAMESA LaLiga Promises once again

12 / 06 / 2019

The opening ceremony will be celebrated this Thursday at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground (7pm CEST)

The countdown has begun. This weekend the XXVI edition of the PAMESA LaLiga Promises tournament will be played at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground in Vila-real. This will be the fifth consecutive year that Villarreal CF hosts the prestigious tournament for the top level of U12s football at the club's facilities. The opening ceremony will be held this Thursday 13th June at 7pm CEST on field 1 at said training ground. 

The competition, organised by LaLiga and the Fundación José Ramón de la Morena, will see 20 First Division U12 teams participate. Over three days, from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June, the future promises of Spanish football will be in Vila-real. The Yellow Submarine are the tournament’s hosts and will be looking to lift their third title. The first of which came in 2007 for the young Yellows, when the competition still went by the name ‘Torneo Brunete’. Then, at Villarreal’s facilities, the U12s won the tournament again in 2016.

The Villarreal CF U12s will kick-off this Friday when they will play all their matches in Group B against with Rayo Vallecano, Celta, Sevilla and Eibar. On Saturday 15th June the round of 16 and the quarter-finals will be played, which will be split into morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. Then on the final day, Sunday 16th June, the semi-finals and final of the LaLiga Promises will be disputed.

Matches can be viewed live on the ‘Gol’ television channel and also on LaLigaTV.

The groups and their match schedules are as follows (TV broadcasts and match times may be modified for television needs):

Group A: Athletic Club, FC Barcelona, Getafe CF, Real Betis and SD Huesca.

Friday 14th June:

  • 10:00: FC Barcelona-SD Huesca (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 
  • 10:00: Real Betis-Athletic Club. 
  • 11:00: Athletic Club-Getafe CF. 
  • 11:30: FC Barcelona-Real Betis (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 
  • 12:30: Real Betis-SD Huesca.  
  • 17:30: FC Barcelona-Getafe CF (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 17:30: Athletic Club-SD Huesca.
  • 18:30: Real Betis-Getafe CF.
  • 19:30 horas: FC Barcelona-Athletic Club (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 19:30 horas: Getafe CF-SD Huesca.

Group B: Villarreal CF, Rayo Vallecano, RC Celta, Sevilla FC and SD Eibar.

Friday 14th June:

  • 10:00: Sevilla FC-Rayo Vallecano. 
  • 10:30: Villarreal CF-SD Eibar (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 
  • 11:30: Villarreal CF-RC Celta. 
  • 11.30: Sevilla FC-SD Eibar. 
  • 12:30: RC Celta-Rayo Vallecano. 
  • 17:30: Villarreal CF-Rayo Vallecano.
  • 18:00: Sevilla FC-RC Celta (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 19:00: Sevilla FC-Villarreal CF (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 19:00: Rayo Vallecano-SD Eibar.
  • 20:00: RC Celta-SD Eibar. 

Group C: Atlético de Madrid, Deportivo Alavés, Girona FC, Levante UD and RCD Espanyol.

Friday 14th June:

  • 10:30: Levante UD-Deportivo Alavés. 
  • 10:30: Atlético de Madrid-RCD Espanyol. 
  • 12:00: Atlético de Madrid-Deportivo Alavés (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 
  • 12:00: Levante UD-Girona FC. 
  • 13:00: RCD Espanyol-Deportivo Alavés (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 
  • 18:00: RCD Espanyol-Levante UD.
  • 18:00: Atlético de Madrid-Girona FC.
  • 19:00: Deportivo Alavés-Girona FC.
  • 20:00: RCD Espanyol-Girona FC.
  • 20:30: Atlético de Madrid-UD Levante (live on GOL and LaLigaTV). 

Group D: CD Leganés, Real Madrid CF, Real Sociedad, Valencia CF and Real Valladolid.

Friday 14th June:

  • 11:00: Real Madrid-Real Sociedad (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 11:00: Valencia CF-CD Leganés. 
  • 12:00: Real Madrid-CD Leganés. 
  • 12:30: Valencia CF-Real Valladolid (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).  
  • 13:00: Real Sociedad-CD Leganés. 
  • 18:30: Real Madrid-Real Valladolid (live on GOL and LaLigaTV.
  • 18:30: Valencia CF-Real Sociedad.
  • 19:30: Real Valladolid-CD Leganés.
  • 20:00: Real Madrid-Valencia CF (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 20:30 horas: Real Sociedad-Real Valladolid.


Saturday 15th June:

  • 10:00: 2nd Group A-3rd Group B (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 10:30: 2nd Group B-3rd Group A (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 11:00: 2nd Group D-3rd Group C (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 11:30: 2nd Group C-3rd Group D (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 12:00: 1st Group A-4th Grupo B (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 12:30: 1st Group B-4th Group A (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 13:00: 1st Group C-4th Group D (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 13:30: 1st Group D-4th Group C (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).


Saturday 15th June:

  • 18:00: Quarter-final 1 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 18:30: Quarter-final 2 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 19:00: Quarter-final 3 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 19:30: Quarter-final 4 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).


Sunday 16th June:

  • 10:00: Semi-final 1 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 11:00: Semi-final 2 (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).


  • 12:30: 3rd place play-off (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).
  • 13:00: Final (live on GOL and LaLigaTV).



The top four teams in each group will qualify for the round of 16. Therefore, only four teams will be eliminated in the group stage.

Matches will be 12 minutes each half with 3 minutes rest for half-time in the group stage, round of 16, quarter-finals and 3rd place play-off.

The semi-finals and final will be 20 minutes each half with 10 minutes rest for half-time.

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