Change of mentality

Change of mentality

11 / 10 / 2018

The Yellows goalkeeper highlights the attitude and commitment of his team-mates to turn things around

Villarreal goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo has appeared in front of the press to analyse the current situation regarding the Yellows. The 29-year-old recognised that the Yellow Submarine find themselves in a 'complicated situation' but extolled the attitude and the commitment from his team-mates to turn things around. "We can't lie to ourselves, it's not a positive situation we're in. We're working extremely hard every day to turn things around and get away from the bottom of the table, which isn't a position that represents the level of quality in this team," he said.

The Yellows No.1 believes the international break should serve to reflect on the current situation and prepare for the important match against Atlético Madrid as well as possible: "The break in league football has come at a good time. It will help us clear up our ideas and replant ourselves so we can head to where we want to be. We need to turn the page, learn from our errors and grow in our style of play."

Finally, Asenjo underlined the importance of defensive solidity to get good results: "In recent seasons we have made ourselves known as a solid team that works well at the back. It's one of the keys to take flight. Until now, that's let us down a bit. In a number of the games we have played, we've dominated, but our opponents have been able to score a goal against us while creating very little. The circumstances have weighed on us a lot. We need to change that mentality when we're on the pitch."

To watch Asenjo's press conference in Spanish, click the video tab just below the main photo.

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