Villarreal CF has been immersed in the world of eSports for a number of seasons, giving that it is a growing sector and has large potential in coming years. After starting in the VFO (Virtual Football Organization) competition, the Yellow Submarine decided to move a step forward, joining up with Esportia, a specialist company that helps the Yellows expand and strengthen their image in a project focused on the future, looking at professional video-game competitions.

The Yellows have FIFA 19 and Rocket League teams. At the moment, it competes in Virtual LaLiga eSports and in FUT Champions in the EA Sports game. In Rocket League, the 'Groguets' are in the ESL Masters (Spain) and Sogeti Esports Series (Italy), as well as the qualification stages for Gamergy and the international DreamHack competition, which takes place in Leipzig, Dallas, Valencia and Montreal.

The matches can be watched on Villarreal CF eSport's Twitch channel, while you can keep up with the latest goings-on with the team on their official Twitter account: @CVFeSports.

The Rocket League team is made up of the following players: Ricard ‘Itsulen’ de Antonio, Manuel ‘Swazer’ Pérez, Andrés 'Espumita' Sánchez and Julien 'Gaspow' Pereira, and is managed by Jordi 'Ness' Campamà. Héctor ‘HectoRBK’ Blat is the club's FIFA 19 player. The Yellows also have José Juan ‘Xampi’ Chambó in their ranks, the official club caster in Twitch: cvfesports.

Endavant gamers!