• 1. Information about the Club
    • a. Information on the governing bodies and staff of the Club
    • b. Legal framework, organisational structure and assets of the Club.
      • b.i. Legal, institutional and statutory regulations:
      • b.i.2. Law 10/1990, of 15 October, on Sport -State-, articles 12 to 29).
      • b.i.3. Law 2/2011 of 22 March of the Valencian Community.
      • b.i.4. Royal Decree 177/1981 of 16 January 1981 (Clubs).
      • b.i.5. Royal Decree 1251/1999 of 16 July 1999 on sport limited companies.
      • b.i.6. LaLiga Professional Football League Regulations: LaLiga Website.
      • b.i.7. Internal sporting regulations. see document
      • b.i.8. Internal regulations for season ticket holders and access to sports facilities. see document
    • b.ii. Code of Ethics: see document
    • b.iii. The Club has a supervisory and control body; the Club also has a Compliance Officer.
    • b.iv. Whistleblower channel for breaches of laws, regulations, by-laws and/or the Code of Ethics: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    • b.v. The Club is not involved in any of the procedures mentioned in the Insolvency Act.
    • b.vi. Basic information on the Club's teams. see document