• 5. Transparency Law Indicators
    • a. The club’s planning and organisation.
      • a.i. The club’s plans and/or annual and multi-annual programmes: See the club’s budget in note 25.3 of the annual accounts report.
      • a.ii. Club flowchart.
    • b. Grants and contract agreements.
    • c. Club management bodies
      • c.i. Payments from the members of the Board of Directors:
        • c.i.1. The Villarreal CF S.A.D. directors don’t charge anything for the work done as such. Nor do they receive payment for diets or similar for attending meetings of the Board of Directors.
        • c.i.2. The payment received by the directors, in accordance with what is shown in note 23 of the annual accounts, is due to the consideration they receive for their employment relationship with the Club.
    • d. Economic and budget related information
      • d.i. Budget approved by the LFP: See note 25.3 of the annual accounts report.
      • d.ii. Annual accounts for Villarreal C.F. S.A.D. with an auditing report: See document
      • d.iii. The fees paid to players' agents/intermediaries for the services provided in the annual accounts corresponding to the 2017/18 season come to €3,084,625.62.